See what the education community is saying about the CapABLE Collective!

“[The CapABLE curriculum] has truly been a game-changer in its implementation with ALL of our students. This has been instrumental in teaching our students to embrace differences and ultimately that all students have gifts and talents and to be more accepting of each other on a daily basis.”

Dr. Teri Rhea, Assistant Superintendent of Education, Yazoo County

“These sessions helped educators understand the unique way schools can change the lives of their students through relationships.”

-Anna Morris, 2016 Mississippi State Teacher of the Year


“The program itself was incredibly thorough and easy to implement. The material contained lessons that were age appropriate and included multiple activities that kept the students engaged.”

-Mrs. Beth Gatson, 2nd grade counselor at Oak Grove Lower Elementary

“We were able to reach 615 students with varying cultural, socio-economic and educational backgrounds. We will continue to implement this program at Oak Grove Lower for years to come. I feel that this curriculum could benefit students in schools everywhere.”

Mrs. Beth Gatson, 2nd grade counselor at Oak Grove Lower Elementary

“CapABLE aligns with IDS’ Transition to Adulthood  programs as we promote full community inclusion, productivity and independence for youth and young  adults with and without disabilities. The programs focus on the strengths of the individuals and  embracing who they are, whether they have a disability or not.”

— Danielle Parks, Transition Specialist, Institute for Disability Studies

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