Vivian O’Neal, Miss USM on Supertalk MS Radio

Capitol Hill, Miss University of Southern Mississippi, Miss Mississippi, and Supertalk Radio! This interview was full of all the good things! Thank you so much to Rebecca Turner for having me on your show, Good Things! It was great to discuss all the good things about being Miss USM while living in Washington, D.C.! ListenContinue reading “Vivian O’Neal, Miss USM on Supertalk MS Radio”

CapABLE Curriculum Video Series

In the midst of a global pandemic, educators are finding themselves in unprecedented situations. In light of all that is happening in our world today, I wanted to provide online learning access to the CapABLE curriculum. The next series of posts will include teaching videos for each day of the curriculum as well as discussionContinue reading “CapABLE Curriculum Video Series”