Turning Disabilities into Capabilities.

  • Vivian O’Neal, Miss USM on Supertalk MS Radio
    Capitol Hill, Miss University of Southern Mississippi, Miss Mississippi, and Supertalk Radio! This interview was full of all the good things! Thank you so much to Rebecca Turner for having me on your show, Good Things! It was great to discuss all the good things about being Miss USM while living in Washington, D.C.! ListenContinue reading “Vivian O’Neal, Miss USM on Supertalk MS Radio”
  • CapABLE: Day 5
    Activity: CapABLE Cards Write down on your CapABLE Card what makes you special. It could be how smart you are or how you help your friends. Your superpower might not be the same as your neighbor’s, but when you work together as a group and combine all of your superpowers, you can accomplish anything! ShareContinue reading “CapABLE: Day 5”
  • CapABLE: Day 4
    Critical Thinking: Yes and No Statements Read the sentence. Choose YES if you think this is the respectful thing todo. Choose NO if you think this is not the respectful thing to do. Then, on a separate piece of paper, write what would make each NO statement a YES statement. A. Jane walks into classContinue reading “CapABLE: Day 4”
  • CapABLE: Day 3
    Critical ThinkingRead the following questions about your activity and answer them. A. What did you find out about your partner? B. How are you similar? How are you different? C. Why is it important to learn how to work together even when you are different? D. How does this activity teach you that it’s okayContinue reading “CapABLE: Day 3”
  • CapABLE: Day 2
    Critical Thinking: Answer YES if you think this is the right thing to do. Answer NO if you think this isn’t the right thing to do. A. Alyssa notices a student being mean to her friend at lunch. She tells the student to stop it and then tells her teacher about it. Did Alyssa doContinue reading “CapABLE: Day 2”

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