CapABLE: Day 4

CapABLE Day 4 with Miss University of Southern Mississippi

Critical Thinking: Yes and No Statements

Read the sentence. Choose YES if you think this is the respectful thing to
do. Choose NO if you think this is not the respectful thing to do. Then, on a separate piece of paper, write what would make each NO statement a YES statement.

A. Jane walks into class with glasses on. Ben points at her and makes fun of her glasses. Was Ben being respectful?


B. Kevin sees Bryce, a student in a wheelchair, sitting by himself at lunch.
Kevin’s friends are whispering about Bryce’s wheelchair but Kevin sits with Bryce at lunch. Was Kevin being respectful?


C. Susan uses a hearing aid. Her friend Allison notices them and is curious about what they do. Allison asks nicely, “Why do you wear those in your ears?” Was her question respectful?


D. Brandon uses a wheelchair. Samantha comes up behind him and starts to push him in it without asking him. This makes Brandon very uncomfortable. Is Saman- tha being respectful?


E. Katherine sees a student walking with a dog, and she wants to pet him. The dog is wearing a vest that says “Service Dog, Do Not Pet.” Katherine reads the vest and decides not to pet the dog. Was Katherine being respectful?


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