What’s Your Superpower?

CapABLE is a curriculum series that is educating and empowering students for a more inclusive future. It is the mission of our programs to ensure that every student becomes their own superhero. You can change the mindset. You can make a difference. What’s your superpower? Download the original character education edition for grades K-3 or the STEM edition for grades 4-6!

CapABLE Cami and service dog Casper

Our Mission.


It is crucial to the development of a child that they be educated on what inclusion looks like in all environments. CapABLE educates students without disabilities on appropriate language when addressing disabilities and how to ask questions when faced with curiosity.


We believe that every student deserves to feel empowered, especially in an environment where they spend 15% of their life. CapABLE provides students with disabilities with the right tools to advocate for themselves or seek guidance from the right people.


CapABLE equips students with concrete skills, knowledge, and appropriate language that can be applied in and out of the classroom. Providing students with and without disabilities with the tools to coexist in an inclusive, encouraging environment is key to supporting diversity and a high quality of life.

Studies show…


Of people admit to avoiding people with disabilities out of discomfort and not knowing how to act around them. The next generation of students have the opportunity to change this statistic. Be the difference.


Of students with disabilities reported being bullied. The negative perception of “different” is the root of bullying and discrimination. Change the perception.

6.5 million

Children in the United States identify with having a disability. It’s about time we embrace and encourage this portion of our population. Embrace their superpowers.

Need a Speaker?

Want more information? Contact us and book an appearance to have CapABLE creator and author Vivian O’Neal speak to your faculty and/or students.

We will provide inclusion resources, instruction on the mission and goals of the curriculum series, and instruction on how to navigate each lesson.

Our Mission

CapABLE is a program whose mission is to educate on bridging the gap between those with disabilities and those without, while empowering students to embrace their differences.


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